Express is one of America's finest transportation and logistics provider

The company was started in 2017 in New Jersey and evolved from being a hotshot operator to managing tractor-trailers and providing logistics services to third-party owner-operators.

Owner-Operators & Drivers

Every day we expand our fleet, with new forces joining us as owner-operators and company drivers.

Years In Business

Big enough to count on, small enough to care. We are a COVID-19 survivor continuing to move America forward.

Satisfied Customers

Express applies its remarkable operational expertise to provide best-in-class logistics services.


We are a customer-focused provider of transportation and logistics solutions, a well-trusted, valued, and respected partner.


We help our clients run a successful motor carrier operation while enjoying the best trucking experience.


People in our company embrace great values to ensure we deliver excellence. Values are the core of our day-to-day business operation.  

Ethics and Compliance

At Express we make a commitment to pursue our business with integrity, respecting different cultures and the dignity and rights of individuals in all countries. We commit ourselves to the observance of fundamental labor and environmental standards.


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