Fuel is not cheap and for the sheer amount of mileage that we score monthly, every penny multiplies by thousands or even tens of thousands of gallons of diesel. Out from the top, we are enabling all sorts of optimizations and programs, but ultimately in order to save money on fuel, we need our drivers to collaborate as well.

As a driver, there are a few things you could do, and primarily adjust your driving style:

  • Use cruise control and try not going over 70mph
  • Take it easy on the pedal, don't accelerate aggressively
  • Don't hard break, preserve a decent distance between you and the vehicle upfront so you could break gradually
  • Avoid prolonged idling, and when permissible at night turn off the engine
  • Plan ahead of time and consider refueling in cheaper states

To help you plan for more economical refueling we are providing below a list of average fuel prices per state, and we highly recommend you avoid states that are in the red.