So, you got your truck and trailer, next, let's prep you to run legally and at ease. Below, we compiled a list of things to get you ready for your first mile on the job.

1. Permits

2. Cab Documents

  • Certificate of Insurance
  • IFTA cab card
  • IRP cab card
  • Trailer registration
  • Commercial inspection report sheet (for both truck and trailer)
  • Valid driver DOT medical card
  • FMCSA MC letter
  • Paper logbook sheets (to be used as a backup in case of ELD malfunction; 49 CFR 395.8)
  • Equipment lease agreements (if applicable)
  • Contractor agreement (if applicable)
  • Company certificate of incorporation (optional)

Have a document folder to place all the above; this choice from Amazon would be just fine. Also, consider sheet protectors to organize it neatly.

3. Devices

  • ELD; we like this option because of no upfront cost, low monthly fee, and intuitive interface
  • GPS navigator for trucks; we like this option from Garmin because they keep maps up-to-date
  • Tablet, so you could use Google Maps in tandem with the truck GPS navigator and also perform DVIRs. The Samsung Tab 3 tablet incorporates a GPS module and allows a SIM card for LTE connectivity

4. Tools

  • impact wrench; don't be stingy and get a solid brand, you will need this all the time and when you expect it the least; we recommend DEWALT
  • hydraulic jack

5. Misc


Let's connect further if you need any help with your initial setup.