Compliance, Safety and Accountability is not a one time thing

It takes preparation, continuity, and discipline for one to be fully compliant. Carriers play in a highly regulated industry, and if you want to be in business for the long run you need to be a pro and act like one.

Express Compliance Agents

Our Compliance Agents could not only help you navigate the code but provide you ongoing oversight and support to ensure you are headed on the right path. Out-of-service violations are not only affecting your CSA score, but also insurance premium on renewal, and even more extreme they could put you out-of-business.


Safety Programs

DOT Safety Audit

DOT Compliance Review

MC Authority Reinstatement

Driver Qualification Files

Drug & Alchohol Testing Program

IRS 2290

IFTA & Weight Tax Reporting

IRP Apportioned Plates


ELD + Hours of Service

FMCSA Clearinghouse

MCS-150 & Biennial Update