Woodhouse Sleeper Berth is a low-cost DOT Compliant Sleeper Berth exclusively for 1-ton pickup haulers.

After gaining a thorough understanding of DOT Regulation 49 CFR 393.76, our quest began. Tearing into door panels to make sure that we had 75 inches of length, stopping by a local Kenworth dealership to learn about restraint netting, communicating with mattress manufacturers to learn about fire-retardant mattresses, we were very confident we had the perfect DOT compliant sleeper. We took our first prototype to have it inspected by the Nebraska State Patrol Carrier Enforcement Division. We vividly recall how three officers walked around our Ram truck murmuring to themselves that they've seen every attempt of a makeshift sleeper in a one-ton cab and that it can’t be done!

  • Only Sleeper Berth is available without modifying the vehicle frame or cab
  • No outside appearance changes
  • Eliminates costly motel charges
  • The vehicle can be restored back to its original configuration and appearance in hours
  • Can be converted into an existing vehicle or financed into a New/Used Vehicle Purchase
  • Compliant w/ DOT Regulation 49 CFR 393.76
  • Innerspring Mattress measures 76" x 26" x 6" (DOT requires at least 75"x 24")
  • Restraint system tested and exceeds the required 6,000 lb restraint Pull-Test
  • Eliminates DOT violations
  • The perfect legal solution for the Hot Shot Operator
  • One year component failure replacement warranty


Source: https://www.woodhouse.com/sleeper_berth